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City Lights
Earth and Space


It’s been 10 Years since the Takeover…


The battle to save what is left of humanity falls in the hands of Alexis Wyle when the greatest evil, Rapsidous, takes over the planet, wiping out most of the world and leaving little behind. The humans that were left in Glinier, the untouched lands, remained on Earth; the humans that were sucked into another dimension, into the city of Aziar, became “Skins” in the new world. Alexis didn’t understand why she was unique until her heart began to beat differently. Her heart now beats with steel pieces turning, protected by a removable shield. 


Powers now run through her as she could be the key to ending it all. 

Alexis along with her Infinity-X Team keep an eye on Aziar, a city filled with robots, magic, and darkness. The stakes are rising and it falls to Alexis and the Infinity-X team to navigate and stop the unending madness this new twisted world bleeds. Although 10 years have passed, Alexis knows this is just the beginning…

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Fiery Sun


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